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Aangi Advanced Composite Pvt. Ltd. Is an emerging manufacturer of Fiberglass reinforced products (FRP) located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat (Western part of India).

Aangi is fortunate to own founders who have unparalleled experience of various industries in manufacturing segments. Apart from having a knack at engineering, they have always thrived to deliver sustainable and enduring solutions to their clients. They have worked on vital projects in various industries like pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Construction, Hospitals, Plastic, Textile and Hospitalities.

As it is correctly said – Experience is the best teacher. This saying goes well on the Promoters of the company who have the first-hand experience in performing routine industry transactions. This on-field experience has given them food for thought. They have observed the difficulties and revenue losses to the clients due to the adverse effect of corrosion in various products.

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Aangi Advanced Composite

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Why You Need AANGI FRP Solutions



Started manufacturer of Fiberglass Reinforced Products (FRP)


Started Exporting

Started Exporting FRP material to middle East and other locations across the globe


Various Industries

Started Providing Solutions to various Industries like pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Construction, Hospitals, Plastic, Textile and Hospitalities. Received StartUp India certificate from Government of India.


Client Base

We further went ahead and have some of the Fortune 500 Companies Clients such as Reliance, Adani.


We Provide Complete Solutions


Quality Management

We started the business to provide better quality products to our clients. Thus when the questions of quality arise, we make sure to follow zero defect process. Our Research & Development team is making a constant effort towards improving the quality and adding more features to the products we supply to our clients.

Our quality management team cross-checks every product being delivered to our Client which assures the longevity and durability of the product. Each of our products needs to undergo basic testing of the features that we claim to be present in our product. Both internal and external audit takes place at regular intervals. All the safety and environmental norms are being followed religiously at Aangi.

Company’s goal is to deliver right product at the right time and at the right price to the clients. With this aim in mind we have forayed into FRP business to provide long lasting, durable and sustainable products.

  • Automotive Industry
  • Construction Field
  • Consumer Goods
  • Power Industry
  • Protective Equipment
  • Marine Infrastructure
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