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About Aangi

Aangi Advanced Composite Pvt. Ltd. Is an emerging manufacturer of Fiberglass reinforced products (FRP) located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat (Western part of India).
Aangi is fortunate to own founders who have unparalleled experience of various industries in manufacturing segments. Apart from having a knack at engineering, they have always thrived to deliver sustainable and enduring solutions to their clients. They have worked on vital projects in various industries like pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Construction, Hospitals, Plastic, Textile and Hospitalities.
As it is correctly said – Experience is the best teacher. This saying goes well on the Promoters of the company who have the first-hand experience in performing routine industry transactions. This on-field experience has given them food for thought. They have observed the difficulties and revenue losses to the clients due to the adverse effect of corrosion in various products.
To satiate this need of the clients they started searching for a material which is non-corrosive. Having a profound interest in technology, they came across composite materials - Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP). Fiber Reinforced polymers are a category of composite plastics that solves the problem of corrosion and are specifically used to improve the strength and durability of the material. In addition to this FRP lightens the weight and is renowned for its precision engineering, definite tolerances, and streamlining of parts in both production and operation.

To create the most compelling composite company of the 21st century by driving the ultimate transformation towards composite – pultruded fiberglass material.


To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable, enduring and durable Fiber glass products


Our arrival into the composite market was made after analyzing demand for anti-corrosive solutions in heavy industries like aerospace, automobile, marine, Defence, construction industries, pharmaceutical, chemical, solar and cooling tower industries We came to the conclusion that composites like FRP is the need of the hour. It has a high resistance property to many corrosive elements and is versatile in nature. In the long term, FRP solutions provide financial sustainability as it has no maintenance cost. We aspire to spread our wings to serve not only Indian but also to overseas clients. We are fully equipped to cater to all the needs of our international clients.

Manufacturing Process At Glance...
  • Pultrusion is the continuous process by pulling resin-rich reinforcements through a heated steeldie to form profiles of constant cross-section of continuous length.
  • Pultrusion gets its name from the method by which the profiles are made. Resin rich reinforcements are literally pulled by the puller. The puller is made up of pulling pads, which grip the product, and a drive system that keeps the puller along with product moving. The pulleris located just before the cut offsaw.
  • The process starts with the reinforcements (unidirectionalglass roving called fibers) that runs along the length of the profile. Then, the fiberglass mat is added, which is multidirectional reinforcement.
  • Next, the glass reinforcement is “wet-out” with a thermoset resin, typically polyester or inylester. Finally, just before all the material is pulled into the heated die, the surface veil maybe added to enhance the surface appearance ofthe finalproduct.
  • Next in the process is the curing of the composite. The curing or hardening occurs while the wet out reinforcement is being pulled through the heated die. The heat from the die causes the resin to cure by the time the part exists the die, a hard part in the exact die shape with reinforcements laminated within.
  • The pullerthen pulls the product exiting the die to the cut off saw, which cuts it to the desired length.