FRP Cable Trays

FRP Cable trays supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Aangi Advanced Composite Pvt. Ltd., We are an excellent range of FRP Cable Trays supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. These cable trays are manufactured with the aid of cutting edge techniques using high quality fiber-reinforced plastic under the vigilance of our professionals.
FRP cable trays are made using high quality pultruded material which can withstand any environment or chemicals. These are generally used for the installation of power cables and control cables. Other features that make FRP cable trays unique and more reliable are its fire redundant, lightweight, strength and durability characteristics. Structural stability, dimensional accuracy and excellent finish are some of the features that distinguish our FRP Cable Trays from others in the market. It is available with & without covers. We provide FRP Cable tray system that find rigid Fire Retardant with some benefits as Anti Corrosion, Max Strength, No Earthing, Electrical Insulation, Low Thermal Conductivity, etc.
FRP GRP Gratings

FRP / GRP Gratings in Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Aangi Advance Composite provide high quality FRP Gratings and GRP Gratings in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is the produce a matrix of resin and fibre glass. Frp or Grp composite items has low installation and affordable price as compared to steel. It is suitable for ventilation and natural lights. The significant advantages related with it is - they are non-impervious to synthetics, self-quenching and UV settled which guarantees better execution as compared to conventional metals particularly steel. Besides, they are easy to assemble and has a high loadbearing limit.
Aangi Pultruded Fiberglass Gratings oers the customer options such as the selection of bar spacing (which creates varying open space in the grating or grid), bar shape, cross-rod placement, grp louvres, custom fabrication, custom resin or colour.
FRP Fencing Solutions

AAC FRP is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) fences. Fiberglass Fences are easy to install, use & maintain as well. AAC FRP Fence is available in a variety of colors and sizes as per the Client’s requirements. We are fully equipped to design, manufacture and install fencing systems on a turnkey basis for your valuable requirements.
Since it is non-magnetic and radio transparent, FRP Fencing is also very suitable for use in airports or radio stations, where interference to RF signals is a concern.

Key advantages:

  • Strong and durable
  • Non Corrosive and Weather Resistance
  • High Physical and Mechanical Strength
  • UV resistant, Aesthetically appealing, Flexibility in design, Light in Weight, and hence easy to handle and install
  • Economical & cost-effective
  • Maintenance-free
  • Due to Non-conductive to high dielectric strength
  • Sturdy and Structurally Stable
  • Fire retardant
  • Anti Theft material

Area of Applications:

  • Chemical industries
  • Fencing for city road dividers
  • Staircase fencing
  • Fencing for electrical transformers or substations
  • Fencing for gardens/houses
  • Industrial Fencing
  • Marine installations like gangways, access bridges, and walkways
FRP Cooling Tower-In product Section with Visuals

Aangi follows CTI 137 standard for composite products and components used for erecting Cooling Towers.
We have a range of products/components being used in various cooling tower applications are…
  • Pultruded Structural Framing Materia
  • Pultruded Deckings
  • Pultruded Stairways & Handrails
  • Safety Cage Ladders
  • Cladding
  • Partition wall
  • Walkway Gratings
Each Pultruded FRP member is pre-fabricated as per drawings and shipped to site for a ready installation.
FRP/GRP Pultruded Custom Sections & Profiles

Aangi Pultruded structural shapes are a product of a combination made from Fiberglass reinforcements and thermosetting resin system. We are producing more than 150 Standard and custom Pultruded shapes having Surface veil to provide corrosion and UV resistance. Aangi can design & offer pultrusions for different applications and environments as per your requirements.
Aangi standard Pultruded products meet and/or exceed the mechanical and physical properties as per CTI 137 and BS EN 13706 (E 17). Products can be manufactured upon request to meet BS EN 13706 (E 23).
FRP Rooftop Walkway

This system is used to save sta members from any kind of dangerous fall. Due to unfriendly weather conditions chances of slips increases on rooftops. We present you with the quality which is non-slippery, weather-resistant, fireresistant, non-corrosive and has a long life. It is useful for the rooftop solar application also.
FRP Handrails

Our expert team take special care in designing signage and delivering a quality product which is corrosion-free and can withstand any type of environment. Its maintenance-free nature will reduce the cost of the company.
FRP Solar Stand

  • Can withstand strong winds & rain load
  • UV resistance
  • Sturdy & Lite weight construction
  • Easy to install on factory sheds, inclined roofs, RCC roofs etc
  • Highly durable and corrosion resistant
  • Project-specific customization
  • No maintenance cost
FRP Louvres

They are built, keeping in mind the amount of smoke and polluted air coming out of louvres. The material is corrosion free and chemical-free. Apart from this it can also withstand extreme environments and is free from regular maintenance. It is widely used in the residential and commercial building structure as a replacement of Aluminium or MS louvers. Due to its inherent lightweight property, it can help to minimize building load requirement as well.